Žak Ozmo

Music Director, Lutenist, Scholar


Roland C30 Digital Harpsichord - excellent harpsichord replacement for opera companies, concert series, and one-off gigs on a budget!

Taking up little space, the C30 can easily switch between the built-in French and Flemish types of harpsichord. Both of these have four dispositions- 8' I (back eight), 8' II (front eight), 4' (upper octave), and lute (buff mute) - and each disposition has its own dedicated selection button. You can play with a single disposition or layer more than one. The C30 also has a very good fortepiano sound, as well as two sampled organ options - 8' flute (ideal for solo accompaniment) and 8'+4' Principal, which is ideal for use with a choir.

Digital C30 does not need tuning, and you can simply switch the pitch from a=440 to a= 415 and a=392 Hz. If, for ensemble playing, you need to further match the C30 to other instruments, fine pitch adjustments can be made. Even if the temperature and humidity vary, you can be sure that the pitch will remain accurate. In addition to equal temperament, you can select Werckmeister, Kirnberger, Vallotti and Meantone tuning schemes.

If you are able to hire a historical harpsichord, you absolutely should as electronic instruments can never fully replace acoustic ones. However, if the budget for your project does not allow it, this is your best and highly recommended option.

For pricing information, please contact: zak.ozmo@yahoo.com