Žak’s historical studies of the effects of music on human emotions, music therapy training, as well as over twenty years of experience in using music in special needs support, was the basis of the founding of the Music in Cancer Care program based at the Methodist University Hospital in Memphis, TN. Having founded the program,  Žak acts as its Program and Music Director, in charge of the program’s structural and financial development, as well as coordination and delivery of the music activities.


His approach to applying music to cancer treatment is coming from a place of understanding, having experienced the struggle of several family members - including his father - with the illness.  This and his own experience as a refugee made him a firm believer in the ability of music to significantly affect our well-being on both physical and psychological levels. 


Žak’s business, administrative, and fundraising experience, together with international media contacts, further complement his skill set for this undertaking.  


You can read further information about the Music in Cancer Care program here.